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Pushed to brink, slay and perish
Soumendu Mukherjee (name changed), a 38-year-old psychiatric patient from Beleghata, had decided to kill his ailing mother, wife and son before taking his own life, in the quest of a “better life” after death....  | Read.. 
Police seal probe but doubts linger
Three nights and four days after six killings and a suicide, the case is “over”. Police on Wednesday “officially” declared th...  | Read.. 
Slap doctor buck passes
Loath to take action against a post-graduate trainee doctor who slaps a patient to induce labour' Just pass the buck to Calcu...  | Read.. 
Missing girl case cop transferred
Twenty-four hours before the trial, the investigating officer of the Sushmita Dhar disappearance case ...  | Read.. 
City boy helps dish out space menu
A dream sown in a Baranagar home is poised to serve up a surprise in space — “mildly cooked” and “blended in tri-coloured pas ...  | Read.. 
A portrait of a mother as a reluctant director. A portrait of a ‘wife’ as a rookie parliamentarian… Hema Malini has many roles to juggle, but the ones ...  | Read
Hello, it's Thursday, July 22, 2004
Road to avoid
Reel talk
Invoking the monsoons
Indian culture, inarguably one of the richest in t...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Don Henley, singer. You are by nature non-interfering, but never fail to seize ...Read.. 
  Forget treatment where security is suspect
  Hooked to hilsa
  Placement plans
Spread the wisdom word to fight stress
Symptoms of stress can be as incongruent as a headache, dry mouth or common...  | Read.. 

Studies to serve the deprived
To teach students the spirit of using education to serve the less-privilege...  | Read.. 

Car-lifter trio held after chase
A five-and-a-half-hour drama, with a car chase, that started at Ashoknagar...  | Read.. 

Quibbles afresh in Rajnis hearing
Another day passed fruitlessly in the Rajnis Patel death case as the lawye...  | Read.. 

The complete guide to mall management
A shopping mall in South Africa became a hot destination since it was locat...  | Read.. 

Drape art
If you are looking for a designer outfit that is a world apart from the st...  | Read.. 
Feng Shui: Nature nurture in chi chasm
A couple of years ago we had bought an office space in the basement of ...  | Read.. 
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Rearrest alerts jail about missing inmate
Fingerprint scan for visa
Arrear payment
Torture complaint
Robbery feigned
Death in well
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Battle for every drop of help
This dates Almost two decades back. The local club’s champion that he was, ...  | Read..