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Butler clears Blair of cook-up
Prime Minister Tony Blair was cleared today of tricking Britain into invading Iraq but drew heat in a report for relying on deeply flawed pre-war intelligence. ...  | Read.. 
Pak looks for Swedish reply
Pakistan, concerned over India’s plans to acquire a strategic radar system from Israel, is seeking a similar system from Sweden. ...  | Read.. 
Slow blondes
Blondes perform intelligence tests more slowly after reading jokes playing on their supposed stupidity, said psychologists in a newly published German study. ...  | Read.. 
Baghdad bomb kills 7
A suspected car bomb in central Baghdad killed at least 11 people, all believed to be Iraqis, today sending burning wreckage across a wide area and a plume of black smoke ris ...  | Read.. 
Anna Kournikova (right) and Enrique Iglesias during a tennis match in Los Angeles. (AFP)
Old boy who survived four premiers and bomb
Lord Butler of Brockwell witnessed the rise and fall of four British Prime Ministers and even survi..  | Read.. 
Bush fails to ban gay marriages
President George W. Bush today failed in his attempt to amend the Constitution to ban same-sex marr..  | Read.. 
Manila readies to pull out
The Philippines was preparing today to withdraw troops from ...  | Read.. 

Costly chat
A German man reported a female chat-line worker to police a ...  | Read..