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10+4, it’s time to disco

It’s past midnight on Saturday and Akash and Nisha have just managed to squeeze out of a packed-to-capacity Tantra and are headed for Sisha. But at the filled-to-the-gills hookah bar, an “entry closed” sign debars the couple just out to have fun…

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a space jam on the city’s dance floor. Calcutta’s party people have 10, want more and will soon get four. Nightclubs that is.

The first in line to liven up the nocturnal action is Red Kitchen and Lounge, from the owners of the restaurant chain Red Hot Chilli Pepper, set to jive from July 14.

Spread over 4,000 sq ft at Enclave, New Alipore, this will be an “eating and lounging area” for those seeking food and fun.

So, there will be light lounge music and low-slung seating arrangements on one side and some interesting, interactive food counters (Mongolian, Oriental, grills) on the other, explains Ashim Mewar, one of the directors.

Food and beverage (F&B) will be the drivers — along with DJ and disco — at the new nightclubs. Renaissance, the elaborate affair poised for a September entry on Ballygunge Circular Road, will have two restaurants under one roof, along with a separate hookah bar and dance floor.

“Those who party usually end up at a dhaba in the dead of the night for dinner. So, we thought, why not have a dhaba in the nightclub itself'” said Sonali Vora, owner of the property, spread across 19 cottahs.

The HHI, in revamp mode, is coming up with a 3,000-sq-ft lounge bar by October.

“We have not decided on the name yet,” admitted a spokesperson for the hotel.

The biggest bang could, however, be from F-Bar, the hip nightclub chain that will be opening its doors to Calcutta's party animals before winter sets in. This will catapult Calcutta into big-boys-play-at-night league of Delhi and Bangalore, says an F-Bar insider.

Being planned on Camac Street, the F-Bar will be housed in the same building as a sports bar, also on the all-action cards.

The total area of 12,500 sq ft of “adult entertainment zone” will make it the “single-largest party address under one roof”.

The more the merrier is the line taken by the existing players in the party circuit.

“When a club or a hotel comes up, it not only generates employment but also helps develop the area around the place,” said Anirban Simlai, director, F&B, Park Hotel.

“I think it is a positive change for the city and just right for the city’s image. We are slowly getting on to the national and international entertainment maps,” added the man from the epicentre of the night action.

Each club targets a different segment and as high-end hangouts come up, some people will move into them, while a new group will fill the middle segment, felt Bunty Sethi of Winning Streak.

For a city that is learning to party till dawn, there’s a word of caution from Jeet Sahney of Cloud 9: “Too many cooks may spoil the broth.”

But for the moment, it’s the time to disco and the city sure needs more leg space.

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