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Saudi behead backlash on Qaida
Saudi authorities said today they had killed al Qaida’s leader in the kingdom and three other prominent militants, hours after the group carried out its threat to behead US hostage Paul Johnson. ...  | Read.. 
EU leaders bicker after deed victory
Triumph over the EU’s adoption of a landmark constitution gave way to gloom today as leaders of the 25-nation bloc returned home fuming with each other and split over who to ...  | Read.. 
Portugal search
Dozens of anti-terrorist troops have launched a manhunt for three men suspected of preparing an attack in Portugal’s popular Algarve tourist region, the Publico newspa ...  | Read.. 
22 die in US ‘precision strike’ on Falluja house
US forces killed 22 people today in a “precision strike” on a house in the flashpoint Iraqi city of Falluja that the military said was being used as a safehouse by militants ...  | Read.. 
Gwyneth Paltrow accepts an award on behalf of her mother and herself at the Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles. (AP)
Madonna wins partial ban on estate ramblers
Madonna has won a partial victory in her battle to prevent ramblers from walking across large a..  | Read.. 
US outsource guns reloaded
President George W. Bush said today the US economy was gaining momentum and cited a drop in the une..  | Read.. 
Clapton’s Blackie to be auctioned for charity
The guitar Eric Clapton used to record the album that inclu ...  | Read.. 

Eyes wide shut for just a kiss
Ever wondered why many people close their eyes when they ki ...  | Read..