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Year on, the father bleeds...
A packed courtroom, a grieving father recounting how he had lost his only son a year ago to a hospital and five doctors in the dock trying to prove their innocence. The Rajnis Patel death case finally got underway at Alipore court on Thursday....  | Read.. 
CPM man shot dead
Bhakti Das, 32, a criminal-turned-businessman who enjoyed CPM patronage and was wanted in the murders of three local goons, w...  | Read.. 
Workshopstudents cry foul
Lights and camera were well in place but there was very little action, complain former students of the ‘script-to-screen’ wor...  | Read.. 
Held, freed & hounded: plea to rights panel
Kidnapped by criminals for not paying up' Better think twice before lodging a complaint with the local police, or you may end...  | Read.. 
Multiplex multiplied: bigger, better
Eight months of record-breaking performance later, the city’s first multiplex has multiplied. And this time, it’s bigger and, ...  | Read.. 
Singers Ramkumar Chattopadhyay, Usha Uthup and Anup Ghosal with anchor Sutapa Bandopadhyay at an impromptu adda at a studio in north Calcutta, ...  | Read
Hello, it's Friday, June 18, 2004
Road to avoid
Hard Talk
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 You share your birthday with...
Sir Paul McCartney Your enthusiasm for work powers others. Favourable chances of spending more time with a romantic ...Read.. 
Guest Column
All-round activity is the name of the game as whiling away the vacations is a thing of the past, obs...  | Read.. 
Extra ferrule sop for homes
Calcutta’s civic authorities said on Thursday that they were ready to provi...  | Read.. 

Fare-hike chorus by bus lobby
Barely 24 hours after the diesel price hike, the bus and minibus operators’...  | Read.. 

Bishop’s fusillade at critics
Rev P.S.P. Raju, Bishop of Calcutta, diocese of the Church of North India (...  | Read.. 

Life for killing classmate
Out on bail for the past two years, Pawan Jaiswal, accused of murdering his...  | Read.. 

Go for more weights, reduce the lifts
Bulk up fast is the concept behind a new gym that has opened in the city. W...  | Read.. 

ESS-Manthan spat resolved
Sports channels ESPN and Star Sports made a return to around 3.5 lakh cable...  | Read.. 

Daddy’s delight
With a couple of days to go for Father’s Day (on June 20), it’s once again...  | Read.. 
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Ape wreaks havoc, remains at large
Factory worker found dead
Discharge stopped
Clogged drains
Illegal connection
Parking fines
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Delivery delay fuels protest
Wake-up call