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Basra bombers target Iraq’s oil lifeline
Insurgents stepped up pressure on Iraq’s new interim government today with another blow to the vital oil industry just two weeks before a formal end to the US occupation. ...  | Read.. 
Ogre races ahead of Nemo
Shrek 2, the movie about the big green ogre and his princess bride Fiona, topped last year’s Finding Nemo to become the highest-grossing animated film of all t ...  | Read.. 
Paris power-set powerless
French power workers today cut electricity to the homes of the Prime Minister and other politicians on a day of targeted blackouts, strikes and marches to stop the part-priva ...  | Read.. 
Breather for Sharon
Israel’s attorney-general dropped a bribery case against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon today in what could be a potent boost for his plan to withdraw settlers from occupied Gaz ...  | Read.. 
An EDF worker holds the electricity meter of Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin’s house in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, central France, on Tuesday. (AFP)
Pope sorry for Inquisition
Talk of trials, burned witches and forbidden books echoed in the Vatican today as Pope John Paul a..  | Read.. 
Schoolgirl loses UK dress battle
A 15-year-old Bangladeshi Muslim schoolgirl living in Britain lost a legal battle today for the rig..  | Read..