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Bush senior beats age barrier with birthday stunt
Former US President George Bush (seen at the bottom of Reuters picture above) yesterday celebrated his 80th birthday by donning a black and yellow jump suit and skydiving strapped to a US army paratrooper....  | Read.. 
Streep signs Chinese film
US screen legend Meryl Streep has signed up for a leading role in a Chinese film, a report said today. ...  | Read.. 
Reindeer road to Oxbridge
The eccentricities of Oxbridge interviews were underlined today by the publication of some of the questions asked of stu ...  | Read.. 
Single in the city
In India, where family is everything and “singlehood” a curse, the idea may seem preposterous — that it’s OK to be alone and in fact, to celebrate the self-contentedness solit...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: The wrong label
When he was just three years old, my son was building skyscrapers. He would painstakingly place one building block on another, balancing each with a delicacy of touch that bel...  | Read.. 
My elder brother, a call centre executive, has been a playboy since schooldays. He has had many flings in the past and is notorious for two-timing. Now, he is chasing my be...  | Read.. 
Bush senior beats age barrier with birthday stunt