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Collie finds language link
A clever border collie that can fetch at least 200 objects by name may be living proof that dogs truly understand human language, German scientists reported today....  | Read.. 
Knee troubles Britney again
Britney Spears was taken to hospital after hurting her knee in a fall while filming her latest video, her record label h ...  | Read.. 
Six days: Beware of unwanted pregnancy
Women are likely to have more sex on the days when they are most fertile, even if they are not trying to get pregnant, scien ...  | Read.. 
Ironies, à la Manto
The paucity of new Hindi plays drives many Hindi troupes to dramatise fiction. For the fourth time in its last five productions, Rangakarmee treads this route, choosing Saadat...  | Read.. 
An attempt to revive Tagore’s vision
Too many cooks spoiled the feast at Pratishruti’s programme at Rabindra Sadan on June 4. Rabindrasangeet recitals by Rajashri Bhattacharya, Debarati Som and Pubali Debnath, ar...  | Read.. 
Romantic vision
Vivek Saha is a very senior artist who spent his formative years in Khulna (now in Bangladesh), receiving his initial but very solid training in the craft of drawing from his ...  | Read.. 
A shortage of air
Warning for parents
Agony of Earth
Mexican actor Salma Hayek (top) and Irish actor Colin Farrell (abovw) at a press meet in Cape Town. The two were in the city filming Ask the Dust, directed by Robert Towne. (Reuters)