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American alterations soften France
France pledged today to back a UN resolution on the transfer of power in Iraq after the US and Britain made changes that addressed its concerns. ...  | Read.. 
Fistfights in Lanka House cloud peace prospects
Sri Lanka’s parliament reopened to fistfights today, casting fresh doubts on the minority government’s ability to pass legislation and provide the stability needed to pursue ...  | Read.. 
Adolescents who watch too much TV sleep badly
Adolescents who watch a lot of television are more likely to develop sleeping problems than those who watch less, researchers said yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
Torture memo
In August 2002, the justice department advised the White House that torturing al Qaida terrorists in captivity abroad “may be justified,” and that international laws agai ...  | Read.. 
Marc Anthony sings during an appearance on NBC’s Today Show in New York. Anthony, who is wearing a wedding ring on his left hand, is reporte ...  | Read
Chirac lift for veteran
Hungarian tease for votes
The thief who returned loot
Brain behind Madrid blasts held
Italy arrested an Egyptian alleged to have plotted the Madrid train bombings and Belgium held 15 pe..  | Read.. 
American shot dead in Riyadh
Gunmen killed an American working for a US company in the Saudi capital Riyadh today, the fifth att..  | Read.. 
Boy king heart laid to rest
France’s royal descendants and their supporters today burie ...  | Read..