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Picnic in space' Billionaire’s rocket plane to show way
The world’s first privately funded rocket plane plans to shoot beyond the uppermost layers of Earth’s atmosphere later this month in a bid to demonstrate the viability of commercial space flight, organisers of the project said today....  | Read.. 
Arnold rescue bill: $147,187
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger dispatched a military jet and a 15-person team in April to retrieve an ailing state senat ...  | Read.. 
T-shirt deal troubles singer
Jessica Simpson, who famously sang that she “never felt so beautiful” with “nothing but a T-shirt on”, has had second thoug ...  | Read.. 
Monica mystery thickens as shelves wait for Bill
With a presidential election looming and bookstores already packed with works on Iraq and the Bush administration, bookselle ...  | Read.. 
Eat, drink and be merry till 120
The day when people can eat their favourite foods, stay thin and live to be 120 without getting diabetes or cancer may b ...  | Read.. 
Creativity isn’t gender-specific
All-women art shows almost invariably raise the question whether the thrust of creativity is consciously on feminism...  | Read.. 
New box-office formula
Bengali theatre has reinvented a concept to populate its dwindling crowds: the supergroup. This involves a middle-ranking group inviting several star actors from outside to gu...  | Read.. 
Tribute to a doyen of art
Rukmini Devi Arundale is well known for her contribution to the renaissance of Bharatanatyam and her creation of Kalakshetra in Chennai. Her birth centenary was observed at Ra...  | Read.. 
Pandemonium, almost
Struggle with accents
Dual roles in dance
Actor Mena Suvari at the premiere of the HBO series Six Feet Under in Los Angeles. (AFP)