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UN urges Iraqis: Give new team a chance
The UN envoy in Baghdad urged Iraqis today to press on with setting up a broad parliamentary-style body to help oversee the new interim government that is charged with organising elections. ...  | Read.. 
Booker prize goes global
The annual Man Booker Prize for fiction is going global with the addition of a prize every two years for any work of fiction available in English. ...  | Read.. 
Saudi attack on US troops
Suspected militants shot at US military personnel in Saudi Arabia today, adding to fears over stability that have sent oil prices to record highs since 22 people, mostly fore ...  | Read.. 
Unfit in 2002, Deuba is perfect for king now
Nepalís King Gyanendra reappointed Sher Bahadur Deuba Prime Minister today, the same man he sacked in 2002 provoking a political crisis in a country already reeling from a bl ...  | Read.. 
Naomi Campbell during a Luciano Pavarotti concert at the ancient Herodus Attikous theatre in Athens. (AFP)
Phone ruin
Lusty loss
Loos TV career lurches to swift end
The woman who said she had an affair with football star David Beckham has seen her career as a show..  | Read.. 
Philadelphia yes to gay tourists
Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, has launched the first US television advertising campaign..  | Read.. 
Scientists find new gene within junk DNA
Junk DNA may not be so useless after all. ...  | Read.. 

Mystery shrouds fate of suspect with MIT past
A woman who the US government suspects is an al Qaida opera ...  | Read.. 

Police lead in Karachi Shia attack
The skull of a suspected suicide bomber provided the main l ...  | Read..