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Saudi forces hunt for militants
Saudi forces hunted today for suspected al Qaida militants who killed 22 civilians and took dozens of foreigners hostage in a daring attack on the kingdomís globally vital oil industry. ...  | Read.. 
US delaying talks: Iraqis
Iraqi politicians said talks scheduled for today to decide posts in a new government had been delayed by one day at Americaís behest and complained that Washington was meddli ...  | Read.. 
Gyanendra seeks new PM
Nepalís King Gyanendra, facing a bloody Maoist revolt and a political crisis, asked national parties to suggest a replacement for the royalist Prime Minister who resigned ear ...  | Read.. 
Rocket attack in ministerís hometown
Nearly 20 rockets were fired into the home town of Pakistanís education minister in the southwest of the country today, killing two people and wounding three. ...  | Read.. 
Morgan Freeman (left) and Ashley Judd before the start of the Indy 500 car race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. (AP)
Lashed justice
Shield loss
Blast in Karachi Shia mosque kills 14
Fourteen persons were killed and 35 injured when a powerful bomb exploded in a Shia mosque in K..  | Read.. 
Norway blows away public smokers
Norway will become the second nation in the world after Ireland to ban smoking in all bars and rest..  | Read.. 
Dim galaxy to shed light on dark matter
As galaxies go, Andromeda IX is a mighty dim bulb. ...  | Read.. 

Bush is like us: Silvio
US President George W. Bush is often misunderstood by those ...  | Read.. 

Expats having second thoughts
The 25,000 Britons enjoying generous tax-free salaries and ...  | Read.. 

Christian Arab lied to stay alive
A Christian Arab who was held captive by al Qaida militants ...  | Read..