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‘Show us where the Americans live’
“Are you Muslim or Christian' We don’t want to kill Muslims. Show us where the Americans and Westerners live,” Islamic militants told an Arab after launching a shooting spree on Westerners in Saudi Arabia. ...  | Read.. 
Baghdad ambush kills 3 foreigners
Gunmen attacked three civilian vehicles carrying foreigners in northwest Baghdad today, killing two Westerners and seizing three others, witnesses and police at the scene sai ...  | Read.. 
Saddam gun
A handgun that Saddam Hussein was clutching when US forces captured him in a hole in Iraq last December is now kept by President George W. Bush at the White House, Time ...  | Read.. 
Military’s rift with Rumsfeld
Tensions between the civilian leaders of the Pentagon, led by defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and the US military’s top brass have deepened amid the deteriorating situatio ...  | Read.. 
Saudi special forces patrol outside the Oasis compound on Sunday. (AP)
Passion nun set for sainthood
The 19th century German nun whose blood-soaked visions of Jesus’ death inspired Mel Gibson’s film ..  | Read.. 
Pak cleric with pro-Taliban past gunned down
Pakistan’s commercial centre plunged into chaos today following the assassination of a pro-Tali..  | Read.. 
Saudi vows to pump in more oil
Oil superpower Saudi Arabia today vowed to keep its crude s ...  | Read..