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Political rights for Kuwait women at parliament door
Kuwait’s cabinet approved a draft law today allowing women to vote and run in parliamentary polls, moving them a step closer to full political rights they have sought for decades in the conservative Gulf Arab state. ...  | Read.. 
Body blow for America in abuse row
US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld authorised the use of unconventional interrogation methods in Iraq to gain intelligence about the growing insurgency, ultimately leading ...  | Read.. 
Pervez plea for Islamic law review
Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf called on religious scholars to re-examine strict Islamic laws which rights groups say discriminate against women and non-Muslims, state m ...  | Read.. 
Israel threat to destroy refugee homes
Israel’s top general today threatened to destroy hundreds of Palestinian refugee homes after the Supreme Court cleared the way for demolitions in a flashpoint Israeli-held co ...  | Read.. 
A militiaman loyal to Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher in Karbala on Sunday. (AFP)
Flight fright
Bond bug
Moore music
Britney blow
UN body to ban chemical poisons
A “dirty dozen” of industrial chemicals blamed for causing deaths and birth defects will be outlawe..  | Read.. 
Imran to bring home ‘love child’
Pakistan’s cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan will take custody of his 12-year old girl child o..  | Read.. 
Chechnya plan
A Russian government team descended on Chechnya to “breathe ...  | Read.. 

45 seats for women in Bangla parliament
Bangladesh approved a new law today creating 45 new parliam ...  | Read.. 

New look into army laws
When Spc. Jeremy Sivits faces a public court-martial in ...  | Read.. 

Italy asks US to plan Iraq exit
US and Italian troops fought Shia militia in at least two t ...  | Read..