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Footloose fundays
Idling is out, outdoor is in. The traditional Sunday afternoon siesta is not worth losing sleep over, evenings are measured by the territory covered and the money splurged...  | Read.. 
Parking peril
Any hapless officegoer who has to park his car anywhere in the Dalhousie area would know what a nightmare that can be. With t...  | Read.. 
Cell ?em chic & swift
GPRS and WAP-enabled, polyphonic ringer mode, 65K LCD and TFT colour screen, rotating camera with flash and zoom, Internet ac...  | Read.. 
Turf tussle with five-man army
Yes, it?s time again for the corporate crowd across Calcutta to switch to soccer mode. It?s time to sharpen the spikes and fl...  | Read.. 
Writing on the wall
The metro from Tollygunge left exactly at 6.45 pm. This was the Friday evening before Election Day. Two elderly gentlemen wer...  | Read.. 
A white fluffy bundle of joy
Chipper ? my friend! 27.12.1997 was when he came to me as a birthday gift, just a month-old. We had a ?who will name the pupp...  | Read.. 
Dalma wildlife sanctuary
The ride was rough, but I was half-expecting it. After all, I was visiting a sanctuary that never inspired the likes of Rudya...  | Read.. 
Footloose fundays
Hello, it's Sunday, May 16, 2004
Design Sense
Southern Delight
Footwork Feat
Quality time for family, friends & chill
Voices ...Read.. 
City Lights
The other side of darkness It?s the time to rove & rock Winning pair of the week: Rituparna in a Jeet clinch ...  | Read.. 
Bon appetease
Dear readers, here I am again. Only this time, I have been cuffed by the ed...  | Read.. 
Party Hopping : Hooked to smoky flavours
Inhaling a cloud of Jasmine smoke. That?s the best way to start a footloose...  | Read.. 
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