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Asian Tory caught in expenses scandal
The Tories are desperate for Asian faces but today they have one fewer following the sacking of Bashir Khanbhai, a Member of the European Parliament, for alleged fiddling of expenses. ...  | Read.. 
Sadr willing to disband militia if fatwa issued
Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr vowed today to press on with his fight against the US-led occupation of Iraq but said he would disband his Mehdi Army militia if Shia leaders aske ...  | Read.. 
‘I was forced to pose for picture’
A female American soldier photographed laughing and holding a naked Iraqi prisoner on a leash said yesterday that she was instructed to pose for the picture by people up the ...  | Read.. 
A combo of pictures taken from footage aired by the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya news network shows five hooded militants belonging to an al Qaida-linked Ir ...  | Read
Daring dinner
Force help
Spanish film opens Cannes
Cannes rolled out the red carpet today for Spanish director Pedro Almodovar who launched the 2004 f..  | Read.. 
General says she resisted bid to use force in prison
The American general who was in charge of running prisons in Iraq told army investigators earli..  | Read.. 
Powell to sport coat of arms
Colin Powell, the US secretary of state, has commemorated h ...  | Read.. 

US imposes sanctions on Syria
US President George W. Bush imposed economic sanctions on S ...  | Read.. 

7 killed in Pak bypoll violence
Seven people were killed and dozens wounded in large-scale ...  | Read.. 

7 policemen die in Maoist raid
Maoist rebels ambushed a security patrol in a remote forest ...  | Read..