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Stray sparks on hot hustings day
“Take a good look at me,” said mayor Subrata Mukherjee, seated in a plush leather chair behind a vast wooden desk in the study of his Gariahat residence. “There is not a trace of tension. I’m very relaxed, very cool.” ...  | Read.. 
Minor hiccups in ballot beat
I went to vote at my local Jadavpur polling station with my husband Kaushik at around 11 am. We had to...  | Read.. 
Serpentine queues in blazing sun, a cry of peaceful rigging
After a quiet and lazy morning, a tense and torrid late afternoon. The mood in the city’s smallest — but maybe the hottest — ...  | Read.. 
Violence, arrests and a repoll
On the face of it, polling on Monday passed off without anything worth reporting. ...  | Read.. 
City top-notch in eating-out culture
Calcuttans are eating out more than anybody else in the country — and that’s almost 50 per cent more than those ...  | Read.. 
The Team India captain can keep others waiting (read Steve Waugh), but hates to be kept waiting. As wife Dona presses her chosen poll button, Sourav G ...  | Read
Hello, it's Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Road to avoid
Bard tribute
Surrender to silver
Princess, one of Calcutta's foremost silver b...  | Read.. 
 You share your birthday with...
Pooja Bedi.You have the ability to take snap decisions. Philosophy and art are your passi ...Read.. 
Young Metro
Village pride on five shoulders...  | Read.. 
This week, CalTel’s re-celling Excel
Excel, Calcutta Telephones’ pre-paid mobile telephone service, is ready to ...  | Read.. 

Man management and mobile phones
A black Bolero GLX, with a red flag fluttering from the bonnet, is meanderi...  | Read.. 

Kith cameo in all-star clash
‘Didi’ Meera Bhattacharjee, wife of Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, is escorti...  | Read.. 

Social Register: Chill-out campaign
Monday morning blues were traded for red, saffron and green as the city was...  | Read.. 
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Hand bombs, pistols seized in Dum Dum
Explosion toll up to three
Huts destroyed
Suspect assaulted
Vendors killed
Bally without water
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