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Potent mix of candid camera and computer
The humbling last week of the most powerful nation on earth, the richest country in history and the world’s only remaining superpower was brought about not by alert politicians or a watchdog media, but by technology in the internet age. ...  | Read.. 
Superpower cringes before power of technology
In April 2003, the defence department approved interrogation techniques for use at the Guantanamo Bay prison that permit reversing normal sleep patterns of detainees and ...  | Read.. 
Fresh pictures
America was braced last night for new allegations of torture in Iraq after military officials said that photographs apparently showing US soldiers beating an Iraqi prisoner n ...  | Read.. 
Rumsfeld row
Key Republican lawmakers said today the fate of embattled US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld was far from settled as more Democrats joined the chorus for him to resign over ...  | Read.. 
Robert De Niro at the Tribeca film festival in New York on Saturday. (AFP)
Wisdom on Web
Hot hunt
US soldier to be tried in public
The first of seven US soldiers charged with abusing detainees at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison will be c..  | Read.. 
Euclid & Archimedes’ Alexandria found
A Polish-Egyptian team has unearthed the site of the fabled University of Alexandria, home of A..  | Read.. 
Nepal parties silent on PM
The five-party alliance today demanded that King Gyanendra ...  | Read.. 

Reuters journalist dies in attack
Reuters journalist Adlan Khasanov was among at least 14 peo ...  | Read.. 

Pearl’s chilling last hours
Horrifying new details of how Daniel Pearl, the murdered Read.. 

Stadium strike kills Chechen President
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top man in Chechnya was ...  | Read..