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BJP gets peek at figure of desire
The BJP-led alliance is expected to consolidate its position after the third phase of polling for 83 seats across seven states, according to an exit poll done by The Telegraph-STAR News today. ...  | Read.. 
Medicine or BJP bitter pill
The medicine it was so keen to prescribe can become a pill too bitter for the BJP. That is, if the numbers do not add up to form a government after May 13. ...  | Read.. 
Like Mumbai chic, no trusting Ladakh poll clime
Because mountains dwarf humanity, the crowd in the Ladakh polo ground looks lost. But there are 5,000 and more of them, ringed by snow-capped peaks, gathered to support Thupstan Chhewang who alone, they feel, will protect Lad ...  | Read.. 
US turns off rights trumpet
Report put off, Bush leads scramble to say sorry for jail abuse
Severely embarrassed by revelations about torture and mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers, the US state department today postponed the release of an annual r ...  | Read.. 
A woman peers out of her veil as she waits in a queue in Dand on the outskirts of Jaipur. (AFP)
We are deeply sorry for what has happened to these people

Condoleezza Rice
on the abuse of Iraqi prisoners
Refugees’ tryst with history
Chakmas and Hajongs today scripted a new chapter in the electoral history of Arunachal Pradesh by v ...  | Read..
Pranab plots all things right, now the victory
It is 10.30 in the morning. A Tata Sumo arrives at the marketplace in Nabagram with a few loca ...  | Read..
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Sangh steps in to save Kalyan
Hindutva votaries no longer regard him as “Hindu hriday ka samrat ...   | Read.. 
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Left tells PM to check with Advani
The Left Front today charged the Prime Minister’s Office with pressuri ...   | Read.. 
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Report reveals 25 custody deaths
At least 25 prisoners have died in custody in Iraq and Afghanistan, in ...   | Read.. 
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East Bengal raise bar, in last 8
East Bengal thought it would be difficult, made things difficult by mi ...   | Read.. 
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Blame the bug for that high fever
Seven years ago, doctors called it Calcutta fever. They now ...   | Read.. 
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All ye faithless
The author is reader in political science, Delhi University ...   | Read.. 
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Markets swing to vote voltage
Markets see-sawed between a surge and a slide today after pollsters gave t ...   | Read.. 
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Cambridge to make room for more
Indians should in theory find it easier to get into Cambridge in the y ...   | Read..