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Left tells PM to check with Advani
The Left Front today charged the Prime Minister’s Office with pressuring the Election Commission to influence the polling process in the last leg before May 10....  | Read.. 
CM settles sound-bite score with Sonia
Hours after Sonia Gandhi described the state government as “worthless”, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee launched a rebuttal saying ...  | Read.. 
Police thrash lover in lock-up
Picked up, but not arrested, Rajesh Gurung, 24, was severely beaten up in a lock-up and kept confined through the night ...  | Read.. 
Dawa dares Buddha
Dawa Narbula, the Congress candidate from Darjeeling, today reacted to Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s insinuation that he had ...  | Read.. 
Panel orders ‘torture’ probe
The human rights commission today ordered an inquiry into the alleged police torture of Sushil Sharma, a Congress worke ...  | Read.. 
Ghost raised for poll campaign
Srilal Oraon lived in anonymity and died unsung some six months ago. But a week before the polls, he has been resurrecte ...  | Read.. 
Ministers beg votes, babus munch muri
With ministers and power brokers of the ruling coalition busy in rush-hour campaigning, Writers’ Buildings has shuddered ...  | Read.. 
A Tollywood multi-starrer set in 1942, Aabar Ashbo Phire, being shot at a north Calcutta house on Wednesday with Koneenica Banerjee and Saswata ...  | Read