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Hushed tones & glamour galore on fruity finale
Clearly, everyone is having a lot of Saks at fashion week. Visit any designer’s stall and you will be greeted with the announcement — made in suitably hushed, reverential tones — that “Saks was just here”....  | Read.. 
Time to pick: build a house or raise a child
Whoever said the best things in life are free has never brought up children. New research shows that raising a child cos ...  | Read.. 
Shortest way to break a heart
Dear John letters are in danger of being consigned to the dustbin of history as almost one in 10 people has finished a relati ...  | Read.. 
Sleepless Bill stuck on himself
Former President Bill Clinton says he is working round the clock to complete memoirs for which he received a $12-million ad ...  | Read.. 
Silence! The court is not in session
One day is all it took to shake the foundations of the Indian judiciary. Ever since more than two dozen judges of the Punjab and Haryana High Court went on a first-ever mass l...  | Read.. 
Case File
In order to ascertain the present rent of tenants who are occupying premises for over 30 years, I came across certain complications in the West Bengal Premises Tenancy Act...  | Read.. 
Street Legal
Lending an ear
Language no bar
Negligent surgeons
Actors Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda take a break from the first day of shooting Monster-in-Law in Los Angeles on Monday. (AP)