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Picasso pushes Van Gogh for price prestige
It is likely to become the most expensive work of art in history. Art experts believe that the “hauntingly beautiful” painting by Picasso of a boy with a pipe will be sold for as much as $100 million when it is auctioned this week. ...  | Read.. 
Christians take a crack at the Code
The staggering success of The Da Vinci Code, the quasi-historical thriller which claims that Jesus was a mere mortal ...  | Read.. 
Smart venture
It will go down as one of the shrewdest business deals ever. A British venture capitalist stands to make $2 billion on his i ...  | Read.. 
Imagine life without Google!
So you’ve spent an hour Googling through the Web for your graduate research paper, you’ve played the Google drinking game, h ...  | Read.. 
‘I visit the gym only once in a blue moon’
No pills, no magic cream, no powder — these are absolute no-nos for me. After all, there is no shortcut to having a fit body. My mantra is balance. I have always tried to main...  | Read.. 
Body Watch
Q: I am recovering from an appendicitis operation. I am 17 years old with a thin constitution and menstrual disorders. Please suggest a number of exercises that I can do at...  | Read.. 
Get Fit with Pilates
MODIFIED ROLL UP...  | Read.. 
Models flaunt creations by Ritu Kumar at a fashion show in New Delhi on Sunday. (AFP)