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EU goes east to grow big
The European Union will get 10 new member states on Saturday in a historic eastward expansion that will change the face of Europe forever. ...  | Read.. 
9/11 hot seat keeps Bush busy for 3 hours
President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney took questions today for more than three hours from the September 11 commission about whether they considered al Qaida ...  | Read.. 
Jokes breach shield
President George W. Bush’s private session with the commission investigating the September 11 attacks was not televised, taped or transcribed. ...  | Read.. 
US eases Falluja grip
US Marines eased their grip on Falluja today, but details of a deal with former Iraqi army officers remained sketchy and new air strikes on the besieged city showed a month-o ...  | Read.. 
Jordan’s Queen Rania at a demonstration against terrorism in Amman on Thursday. (AFP)
Bag byte
Safe shelter
Macabre medicine to clear beds
A ward sister tried to murder four of her elderly patients in a ruthless drive to free hospital..  | Read.. 
Terror suspects
All 10 people held during a major British anti-terror swoop on April 19, have been released today, ..  | Read.. 
India steers clear of Lanka role
India today sidestepped a request for playing a “bigger ...  | Read.. 

Thailand boosts security
Grieving relatives of slain Muslim militants buried their l ...  | Read..