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Ancient curse returns to haunt mosque
Southern Thai Muslims sifted through the bloody wreckage of a centuries-old mosque where a battle raged between soldiers and militants today and 34 people were killed. ...  | Read.. 
China to cool economy: Wen
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said today China was committed to forceful measures to cool its dangerously fast-growing economy, which has benefited global growth but, left unche ...  | Read.. 
Flying saucer fever grips Iran
Is Iran about to be invaded by little green men or are the Americans racing through the night sky in spaceships to spy on their arch-foe the Islamic republic' ...  | Read.. 
Generous Crowe aids school hit by racist attack
Tough guy actor Russell Crowe was so upset by a fire-bombing at a Jewish elementary school in Montreal, he called the school to offer a donation to help rebuild its library, ...  | Read.. 
Playboy playmates during the presentation of Playboy TV in Madrid. (Reuters)
Kangaroo courage
Poo bags
Fat fleece
Jackson absent from Jones’ We Are the World sequel concert
Nearly 20 years after recording the ground-breaking charity album We Are the World, producer..  | Read.. 
US unleashes fresh Falluja fire
US marines launched fresh air and ground attacks against guerrillas in Falluja today, and President..  | Read.. 
Syria not to tolerate terrorism
Syria said today it would not tolerate terrorism after an a ...  | Read.. 

Humvee horror haunts army
Armoured cars being sent to Iraq are not up to the job, ...  | Read.. 

Anger, defiance rising in Najaf
An Arab headdress hiding his face and a “martyrdom-seeker” ...  | Read..