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North silent, neighbour puts toll at 3000
Up to 3,000 people were killed or injured when two trains loaded with fuel collided and exploded at a North Korean station today, hours after leader Kim Jong-il had passed through, South Korea’s YTN television said. ...  | Read.. 
US warning to Falluja rebels
A US general warned insurgents in Falluja today they had “days not weeks” to hand over their arms or face the possibility of a renewed US offensive on the Iraqi town west of ...  | Read.. 
Lanka alliance loses test of strength in House
Sri Lanka’s new government narrowly lost its first test in parliament today, raising fresh questions about whether it has enough power to push ahead with stalled peace talks. ...  | Read.. 
5 Pak tribal suspects ready to surrender
Five wanted tribesmen involved in fierce clashes with Pakistani forces last month are ready to hand in their guns, and may give the government a list of foreign militants in ...  | Read.. 
Denzel Washington (centre) during MTV’s Total Request Live programme at the MTV Times Square studios in New York. (AFP)
Munich tragedy soon to be film
Filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who won his first Oscar for the Holocaust drama Schindler’s List..  | Read.. 
Sea terror scare grips Asia
Letters sent to the South Korean and Pakistani embassies in Thailand threatening America’s Asian al..  | Read.. 
Jackson indicted in child molestation case
Michael Jackson was indicted yesterday by a California gran ...  | Read.. 

Nuke Iran threat to Israel: Bush
A nuclear-armed Iran would pose an intolerable threat to pe ...  | Read.. 

Bid to bust online piracy networks
Investigators have raided 120 sites across the globe to bre ...  | Read.. 

Saudi cleric condemns bombing
Saudi Arabia’s top cleric said today the people behind a su ...  | Read..