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Justice for one, silence for other
The promise to one wronged woman has been kept, but another is still waiting for the first signs of justice....  | Read.. 
Fleece rap on eatery duo
The government, which has been sharpening its knives for a while, is now ready to dig into a couple of eateries for “over-cha...  | Read.. 
Heist in trade hub

The shadow of the gun lengthened over the city’s trader hub on Thursday afternoon, with yet another storm-and-snatch operation....  | Read.. 

Biman footage retain order
A high court division bench has directed television channels Tara Bangla, ETV and Khas Khobor to preserve the video cassettes...  | Read.. 
After 122 years, catch Venus cut a dash across sun
The planets are at play, again. After the rare line-up of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter in March, the month of Jun ...  | Read.. 
Students of Patha Bhavan’s primary section paint the school’s walls as part of Nostalgia, an art workshop, in which artists, themselves former student ...  | Read
Hello, it's Friday, April 23, 2004
Road to avoid
Culture fest
Sprinkling a magic powder
Art is synonymous with creation. It is a synthesis...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Shweta Menon, dancer-actress. Mercury and Mars gift you a charmed life of ...Read.. 
Guest Column
The 72-year-old industrial township of the shoe major is set for a complete makeover, blending natu...  | Read.. 
Cops scan cahoots claim
A day after goons spilled the beans on the police-criminal nexus, the state...  | Read.. 

Moral police cue for CMC
On Wednesday, the city police slapped a criminal case on sponsors of a prog...  | Read.. 

Girls’ rescue sends CID on kingpin hunt
The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on Thursday sent a team to the ...  | Read.. 

Pleas go out for blood as poll dries flow
An acute shortage in the supply of common blood groups and the increasing r...  | Read.. 

Swinging strings
He has broken cultural barriers to come up with a brand new sound. Now, gui...  | Read.. 
Social Register: Wheels with style
What’s Indrani Haldar got to do with cars' Exclusivity overdrive, for one. ...  | Read.. 
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Life term for five on murder charge
Motorman saves woman
Scholarship test
Dacoits held
Free education
Thumbs Up
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Piracy boon for couch potatoes
Careless sellers