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$1000 a day for commandos
With a growing number among Iraq’s new police and army refusing to fight other Iraqis, weak allies such as the Bulgarians and the Ukrainians reluctant to leave their garrisons for fear of being attacked and the occupied country virtually spinning out of control, America is harking back to one o ...  | Read.. 
US falls back on merchants of death
President George W. Bush said he would stake his re-election on a successful outcome in Iraq at a rare prime-time news conference last night where he said more US troops migh ...  | Read.. 
Shia cleric sends peace signal
US forces tightened their grip around one of Iraq’s holiest cities today and the rebel Shia cleric they have vowed to kill or capture offered unconditional talks to spare Naj ...  | Read.. 
Pakistan weighs troops for Iraq
Pakistan said today it was considering a US request to contribute troops to protect the UN in Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
Singer Beyonce Knowles at MTV’s second Annual TRL Awards in New York on Tuesday. (AFP)
Billy’s book
Twinkle toes
Dress drag
Jackson faces fresh assault charge
Police are investigating claims by an unidentified man that pop star Michael Jackson molested him i..  | Read.. 
More dirt on David saga
One woman who claims she had an affair with David Beckham insisted she had no reason to lie, while ..  | Read.. 
Tigers on the prowl for Karuna
Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka have launched a search for renega ...  | Read.. 

Nepal protest
Nepal’s King Gyanendra faced the strongest protests against ...  | Read.. 

Historic US shift on West Bank
President George W. Bush implicitly recognised Israel’s cla ...  | Read.. 

Council consolidates army hold on Pak politics
Pakistan’s upper house of parliament approved the creation ...  | Read.. 

Best caught in worst place
British soccer legend George Best and his second wife Alex ...  | Read.. 

Drinking tells on brain
Heavy social drinkers show a pattern of brain damage simila ...  | Read..