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Herbs for good health

Ranchi, April 13: If you are suffering from jaundice, a pinch of Beng saag is what you need to get back on your feet, claim scientists of the Birsa Agricultural University (BAU).

Scientists of BAU recently conducted a survey in which it was found that cantella assatica, popularly known as Beng Saag, has huge medicinal benefits and achieves about 99 per cent success rate in the treatment of jaundice. The survey showed that in about 99 per cent cases, jaundice could be treated by drinking the juice extracted from the root of the herb thrice daily. The paste of the roots also helps as a remedy for jaundice when applied to the legs.

According to the survey, Beng saag contains about 71.67 per cent moisture and about 9.34 per cent crude protein. Fat and fibre content is very low. Beng saag is readily available as it can grow anywhere.

The saag is also used as an appetiser and blood purifier. The saag also checks nausea and fever.

The herb grows abundantly in India and Sri Lanka. The Beng Saag is readily available as it grows anywhere. Apart from the treatment of jaundice, the Saag is also used as an appetiser and blood purifier. Moreover, the Saag checks vomiting tendencies and fever as well.

The Beng Saag is widely found in all parts of India and Sri Lanka. The tribals are known to eat it in various forms such as chatni, bhunjari, squash and many eat it raw too.

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