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Is this a leak' Only university knows

Calcutta, April 11: Two sets of question papers for Calcutta University’s BCom Honours Part II examination on April 16 came into The Telegraph’s hands today.

On top, it says: 2004 (New Syllabus) Advanced Business Mathematics & Statistics — Honours Fifth Paper Full Marks 100.

Students of a tutorial near Shyambazar in north Calcutta received one set of the question papers on Wednesday and the other today. A third set was expected, also today, but for some reason it was not distributed.

It is common practice for the university to set two to three alternative question papers for one examination so that if one leaks, another can be used.

Suranjan Das, the pro vice-chancellor, academic, said: “There is no question of a leak because we haven’t as yet started despatching the question papers to various centres. We have no reports to suggest that a leak has taken place at our end.”

The Telegraph is in no position to confirm if the two sets that have fallen into its hands are the question papers that have been set for the April 16 exam, but there is a tell-tale mark that matches the paper of the previous year.

On the top right-hand corner, it says A (II)—Adv Business Math—H—5/1 in the first set. The second is differentiated by the figure 5/2 — the rest of the code is the same for the two sets.

An estimated 25,000 students will write the exam.

A couple of students, who received the papers, said the tutorial did not charge any premium for the question paper as it came as part of an exclusive package to which each of a batch of about 40 had to subscribe at Rs 300.

The tutorial, however, did not provide them with the answers, they said. “We are expected to get the questions solved on our own,” one of them said.

“Their (tutorial’s) role is limited to getting us the question papers.”

Students are given the papers for a day. They get it copied at a nearby printing press which also has a photocopier. It appears that the owner of the tutorial and of the press have some kind of an arrangement going between them because students are given a discount on the copies they make.

By late Sunday evening, the third set of the paper was scheduled to come into the hands of students, but the racket showed signs of pulling back, presumably receiving a tip that a few of the leaked papers have gone into unintended hands.

“Are you people talking about what you have got'” a student was asked by one of the tutorial managers. “Have any of you talked to the university'”

The tutorial, which does precious little coaching, advised its students that the third set would be provided one or two days before the examination.

“I have no opinion to offer on this issue at this point,” said Soumen Mitra, deputy commissioner-I, detective department.

“But there will be a full-fledged investigation on Monday to ascertain the veracity of the reports.”

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