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A year on, America in shock in Iraq
One year ago, I walked down an empty stretch of Sadoun Street towards the pointed gun barrels of US Marines who had just reached the centre of Baghdad. Perhaps it was dangerous, but I felt only relief and elation. The arrival of the Marines meant the 21-day war was over, and Iraq would have the pos ...  | Read.. 
Shine on lips, terror in air
The sun blazed down on the motorcade as it snaked through the ridges and round the sharp bends, but fear hung like a brooding mist on the hundreds of gun-toting jawans. ...  | Read.. 
India Shining' Shoeshine boy walks the talk
Thwack, bang, thwack, bang… goes the cobbler’s brush on his wooden box, beckoning weary travellers with dusty shoes. No screaming, no hollering, just rhythmic beating of boxes: thwack, bang, thwack, bang… ...  | Read.. 
Alliance to reliance
Weakened partners follow the leader meekly
Six years of marriage with the BJP has shown its allies who wears the trousers in the National Democratic Alliance. ...  | Read.. 
An Iraqi celebrates in front of a burning US tanker which was part of a military convoy attacked on Friday in Abu Gharib. (AFP)
The lid of the pressure cooker has come off (in Iraq)

UK foreign secretary
Manipur parties in poll freeze cry
Unable to campaign under the shadow of the militant gun, political parties in Manipur today pressed ...  | Read..
Young Gandhi guns boom
The occasional booms of the Bofors gun acquired a new twang today with Rahul and Priyanka Gandh ...  | Read..
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Tough call: rioters or onlookers
Rais Khan Pathan does not have a problem helping and healing riot vict ...   | Read.. 
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Under attack, Nepal guns for Indians
Nepalese officials today condemned the manner in which Indian security ...   | Read.. 
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Turmoil knocks on the gates of Baghdad
Bloody turmoil reigned in Iraq today, the first anniversary of Saddam Huss ...   | Read.. 
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I’m to blame, admits Sehwag
Whatever the grade, rarely does anybody accept responsibility for a run ou ...   | Read.. 
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Cine station for the action
The young just want to have fun and the city is finally giving them a few a ...   | Read.. 
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India’s ancient other self
When P.V. Narasimha Rao’s government see- med to be dragging its feet on ec ...   | Read.. 
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Fiscal deficit blotch on report card
In a pre-poll review of the economy, the government painted a rosy picture ...   | Read..