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Great smile' You’ve got the job

London, March 27: If you have large blue eyes, blonde hair, full fleshy lips and childlike features you are more likely to get jobs and win court cases, according to a study published yesterday.

Those whose faces most resemble babies are assumed to be the most honest and trustworthy. Actor Jude Law and television presenter Denise Van Outen are among celebrities with the looks and mannerisms we trust the most.

Dressing smartly, having polished shoes and, for women, well-applied make-up increases the prospects of being considered reliable. Those who smile frequently are trusted more, while those who fidget, fail to make eye contact or sweat profusely are seen as unreliable.

Researchers have built up an “identikit of trust” based on the views of more than 1,000 British adults in a poll carried out by the research company ICM for Sesame, Britain’s biggest independent financial adviser.

Women are more reliable and trustworthy, according to six out of 10 men and eight out of 10 female respondents.

Half of those who took part in the poll admitted being more likely to trust those with well-polished shoes, while 60 per cent looked for clean hair.

People with small mouths and lips were perceived as mean and untrustworthy, while those with full-lipped pouts like actress Angelina Jolie were better received.

Regional accents were also found to have an effect. The cockney accent was said to be the most trust-inspiring.

Ian Penton-Voak, a psychologist at the University of Stirling who specialises in facial perception, said assumptions made on first impression can have serious and unfair consequences.

Baby-faced defendants have been demonstrated to be less likely to be found guilty of charges involving intentional criminal behaviour than those with more mature looks, but are more likely to be convicted of crimes involving unintentional negligence.

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