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Cells to do Cupid’s job

London, March 17 (Reuters): Lonely hearts will stand a better chance of finding a soulmate, thanks to new mobile phone dating technology.

Would-be daters looking for a “significant other” may soon be able to subscribe to a service which stores in their phones a personal profile and information on what they want most from a partner.

When there are enough similarities between two people, and they happen to be in close proximity, the service tells their phones to communicate with each other.

Called Serendipity, the service was created by a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

The latter-day Cupids hope to offer people an alternative to online dating, according to a report today in the New Scientist magazine.

Mobile networks have yet to show an interest in the new wireless-based introduction service but many in the industry believe it is only a matter of time.

“When proximity computing meets social networking, very interesting things will happen,” said Paul Martino, founder of the social website.

“The industry will go in that direction eventually.”

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