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Pitched battle in Pak Qaida hunt
Pakistani forces met stiff resistance in an attack on tribal fighters sheltering Muslim militants near the Afghan border today and eight troops and 24 fighters were killed, the government said. ...  | Read.. 
Woman says not guilty in baby death
In a landmark case, a US woman today pleaded not guilty to murdering her unborn baby by refusing medical advice to have a Caesarean section to deliver twins. ...  | Read.. 
France gets attack threats
France has received threats of a possible attack against French interests from an Islamist group, the justice ministry said in a statement today. ...  | Read.. 
Singapore to lift ban only for nicotine gum
Singapore is to lift the ban on chewing gum that has epitomised its pedantic and overbearing style, but only for those trying to stop smoking. ...  | Read.. 
Carmen Electra during a recording at the MTV studios in Camden, north London. (AP)
Solar systemís frigid world
Astronomers have discovered the coldest and most distant object ever found in the solar system, a d..  | Read.. 
Spain seeks five Moroccans
Spanish police today hunted Moroccan militants suspected of links to bombs that killed 201 people o..  | Read.. 
Search for car bomb suspects
Pakistani investigators today hunted two men, believed to b ...  | Read.. 

Syrians fire on Kurd protesters
Syrian forces opened fire on Kurdish protesters in northern ...  | Read.. 

Post-Saddam life better: Iraqis
A year after US and British troops invaded Iraq to overthro ...  | Read.. 

Iran hawks to decide if women can be President
Iranís pro-reform parliament has asked a constitutional wat ...  | Read..