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Net firms in first attack on spam
In a court action that holds out hope for millions of Internet users deluged by unwelcome e-mails, four major Internet companies have sued hundreds of people suspected of sending junk messages or spam. ...  | Read.. 
US bets on Musharraf getting Osama
The US administration has placed a huge bet on Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, relying on him to help hunt down Osama bin Laden and root out other Islamic terrorists ins ...  | Read.. 
Tigers not sole voice of Tamils, says Karuna
A breakaway Sri Lankan rebel commander — who has the support of 6,000 fighters — denounced the Tamil Tigers today, saying they were no longer the sole representatives of the ...  | Read.. 
Oil fuels Africa fire
Oil should have brought wealth and development to bitterly poor West Africa, but instead it has fuelled wars, coup plots and even mercenary intrigue. ...  | Read.. 
Jemima Khan at a reception for women achievers hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. (Reuters)
Celluloid spy pitches for future agents in CIA video
Jennifer Garner, who plays spy Sydney Bristow in the television series Alias, has turned her..  | Read.. 
US woman in Iraq spy net
A former congressional aide was arrested today on charges she gave secret information to Iraqi inte..  | Read.. 
Madrid bombs rip through trains, kill 190
Simultaneous bomb blasts ripped through packed commuter tra ...  | Read.. 

If it’s ETA, then outfit not a spent force yet
If today’s bombings in Madrid are the work of ETA, they sig ...  | Read.. 

Tapes show Di, Camilla had a showdown
Britain’s late Princess Diana staged a confrontation with h ...  | Read.. 

After 9/11 ad row, Bush bid to heal
President George W. Bush, caught in a controversy last week ...  | Read.. 

Missing mobile eludes Mossad
Israel’s Mossad spy agency may be the scourge of Arab milit ...  | Read.. 

‘Mad’ couple to build home from scratch in NY
A British couple enamoured of Manhattan’s city living but e ...  | Read..