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Bush stands firm for outsourcing
Notwithstanding his declining ratings in opinion polls on the issue of job losses, President George W. Bush is standing firm against those who want to legislate and adopt other measures against outsourcing and globalisation. At least so far. ...  | Read.. 
Interpreter reaches UN
Using authentic ambassadors as a backdrop and possibly journalists as well, director Sydney Pollack began filming at the UN headquarters this week his new movie The Inte ...  | Read.. 
LA varsity shuts down cadaver programme
The University of California at Los Angeles shut down its scandal-plagued donated cadaver programme possibly for good yesterday amid a criminal investigation into the sal ...  | Read.. 
Harare raises death spectre
Zimbabwe threatened today to execute some 60 suspected mercenaries detained this week and accused US, British and Spanish spy agencies of involvement in a plot to topple Equa ...  | Read.. 
Director Sam Mendes and wife, actress Kate Winslet, at the premiere of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Los Angeles. (AFP)
Revealed: Israel plan to raid Pak
Israel considered attacking nuclear installations in Pakistan in 1979 after the US aired concerns o..  | Read.. 
Whoopi joins gay marriage debate
Comedian Whoopi Goldberg thinks same-sex marriage is a laughing matter and hopes her slant on it ..  | Read.. 
Libya to allow snap nuclear inspections
Libya took a fresh stride towards international rehabilitat ...  | Read..