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9/11 in campaign ad backfires on Bush
Democratic officials, a firefighters union and some relatives of September 11 victims assailed President Bush yesterday for using video images from the site of the collapsed World Trade Center towers in the first round of his re-election campaignís television advertisements. ...  | Read.. 
US Kashmir verdict
In a victory for the Bush administrationís campaign to root out home-grown terrorism, a federal judge convicted three American Muslims yesterday of conspiring to help a Pakis ...  | Read.. 
Russian engineers helped Iraq on missiles
A group of Russian engineers secretly aided Saddam Husseinís long-range ballistic missile programme, providing technical assistance for prohibited Iraqi weapons projects ...  | Read.. 
Star Trek captain slams abuse
The film industry is partly to blame for the global culture of violence against women, Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart said today. ...  | Read.. 
Anna Kournikova poses at a Singapore watch shop on Friday. (AP)
Straw visits madarsas
Britainís foreign secretary visited an Islamic school in conservative northwestern Pakistan today a..  | Read.. 
China hits growth brake to care for the poor
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao vowed in his annual address to parliament today to rein in the economy a..  | Read.. 
Bid to boost security in Islamabad
Pakistan plans to increase the the number of police in the ...  | Read..