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Iraq council deal on interim constitution
Iraqi leaders agreed on an interim constitution today after marathon talks to paper over ethnic and religious disputes that might have obstructed US plans to return power to Iraqis by June 30. ...  | Read.. 
Tories end war probe support
Tony Blairís hopes of putting questions over Iraq behind him suffered a fresh setback today when Britainís main Opposition party withdrew support for a probe into the intelli ...  | Read.. 
Nato force to expand operations
The chief of the International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, Lieutenant General Rick Hillier, said they would possibly expand its operations in the cou ...  | Read.. 
Pak battles buzz on letting in US hunters
Pakistan denied today a report that it had struck a deal to allow US troops to hunt for al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden on its territory. ...  | Read.. 
A visitor looks at a jewelled crown in the Hermitage museum, St Petersburg. The crown, created in 1890 in St Petersburg and decorated with 822 diamonds and 70 rubies, belongs to the heirs of the Russian Romanov dynasty. (Reuters)
Stinking switch
Pop police
Frigid fright
Social networking websites offer more than just love
Social networking websites, once known solely as a way to find dates online, are offering more than..  | Read.. 
Marines arrive, so do Haiti rebels
Armed rebels who helped oust President Jean-Bertrand Aristide paraded round the National Palace in ..  | Read.. 
Baghdad worst place to live in
Baghdad, which suffered war and occupation in 2003, ranked ...  | Read.. 

Putin chooses seasoned trade official as PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin made a surprise choice for ...  | Read.. 

Gunman kills Tamil nominee
A gunman burst into a hospital in eastern Sri Lanka today a ...  | Read.. 

Childish rhymes with an adult twist
Bed-hopping royals. Religious hatred. Teenage sex. Obesity ...  | Read.. 

Belgium child killer trial opens
Belgiumís trial of the century finally opened today, with a ...  | Read.. 

Costner a loner on the range
Kevin Costner has always loved westerns. The trouble is, Ho ...  | Read..