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Ratings on the slide, Bush shifts rationale
President George W. Bush today offered a shifting rationale for the Iraq war — that Saddam Hussein had the capacity to develop unconventional arms if not the actual weapons. ...  | Read.. 
Racism cloud on UK health service
Black nurses in Britain’s National Health Service are twice as likely as their white colleagues to be underpaid and far less likely to win promotion, a survey has indicated t ...  | Read.. 
Fest fingers Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam, that symbol of US patriotism, has a front seat on an extravagantly decorated float in the parade of samba schools in Rio de Janiero’s upcoming carnival. ...  | Read.. 
Pervez calls Powell to Pak
US secretary of state Colin Powell is expected to visit Pakistan and meet President Pervez Musharraf soon to discuss the nuclear proliferation probe, a government official sa ...  | Read.. 
Miss Peru, Ivette Santa Maria, in Lima, Peru, on February 5. Santa Maria claimed she was the victim of an international prostitution ring in Gabon, wh ...  | Read
Poll cloud on Lanka peace
Sri Lanka’s President called snap elections to try to unseat her bitter rival the Prime Minister, b..  | Read.. 
Expert rings flu toll alarm
Up to 70 per cent of people who have caught bird flu in the latest Asian outbreak have died from th..  | Read.. 
Putin challenger ‘missing’
Russian police launched a hunt today for a politician set t ...  | Read.. 

UN team on Iraq poll mission
Iraq’s US-backed governing council today met a UN team that ...  | Read.. 

Delhi ignored
President Chandrika Kumaratunga dissolved parliament and ca ...  | Read.. 

Students in Iran sound boycott call
Several hundred pro-reform Iranian students today called fo ...  | Read..