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BBC ‘sexed-up’ reporter quits
BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan, who said in a radio report that the British government “sexed up” the risk posed by Saddam Hussein’s weapons, resigned from the public broadcaster today. ...  | Read.. 
Iran panel spoons out crumbs
Iran’s hardline Guardian Council has withstood an onslaught of appeals from irate reformists and today reversed candidacy bans on only one-third of hopefuls for next month’s ...  | Read.. 
Nepal protest
Dozens of protesters were injured today as police used teargas and batons at a rally in Kathmandu to demand that King Gyanendra ousts the loyalist Prime Minister, witnesses s ...  | Read.. 
UN team in Iraq
UN secretary-general Kofi Annan said today he would send a team to Iraq within days to explore the feasibility of holding an early election, after he received security assura ...  | Read.. 
Salma Hayek at an exhibition called “Beyond Graffiti”in Hollywood. (AP)
Virus spreads, cloud on Shanghai
China, home to a vast poultry industry, said today the deadly bird flu virus which has killed eight..  | Read.. 
Cannibal cleared of murder
A German cannibal was convicted of manslaughter today and sentenced to eight-and -a-half years in j..  | Read.. 
Winner Blair loses poll war
British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s trust ratings have slum ...  | Read.. 

Spanking legal
Canadian parents can continue to spank their children but o ...  | Read.. 

Dollars chase MyDoom
Microsoft Corp. offered a $250,000 reward yesterday for the ...  | Read..