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Iraq sends US scurrying to Annan
The US and Iraqi leaders asked the UN today to salvage their strategy in Iraq and send a mission to Baghdad to advise on the feasibility of elections now or suggest a compromise. ...  | Read.. 
Tigers warn of threat to truce
The Tamil Tigers warned today that a political fight between Sri Lanka’s President and Prime Minister threatened a ceasefire that has held for two years, the longest period o ...  | Read.. 
Rabin killer in wedding row
Israel’s prison director said today he would forbid the killer of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin to marry in prison, after reports of his wedding plans stirred a nationa ...  | Read.. 
Japan troops kick off Shia test
Japanese troops entered Iraq from Kuwait today to begin Japan’s most controversial and risky deployment since World War Two. ...  | Read.. 
Nicole Kidman with Russell Crowe at a boxing match in Australia on Monday. (AP)
Queen quiz
Old gold
Clinton car in Saudi top gear
Former US President Bill Clinton urged Saudi Arabia today to push ahead with reforms, saying the de..  | Read.. 
Grassroots hunt for Bush-beater begins
The process of electing a US President for the next four years formally got under way today in free..  | Read.. 
Bird flu death
An eight-year-old girl has been confirmed as the fifth pers ...  | Read.. 

Omar twist to Pervez probe
A British-born militant, who was released by India to end t ...  | Read.. 

Pak ‘debriefs’ scientists
Close on the heels of weekend arrests of scientists and ...  | Read..