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12 top Iran officials in quit threat, radicals stand firm
A dozen top Iranian government officials are ready to quit if powerful hardliners do not overturn a decision barring hundreds of reformists from running in parliamentary elections, reformist MPs said today. ...  | Read.. 
US out of bounds for the corrupt
People who have been linked with corruption will be barred from visiting or immigrating to the US, according to a proclamation issued by President George W. Bush. ...  | Read.. 
Chandrika to extend term by year
A feud between Sri Lanka’s President and Prime Minister, which has frozen efforts to resurrect a stalled peace process, deepened today with the President saying she may exten ...  | Read.. 
Canada gets a piece of Iraq pie
In a policy reversal, US President George W. Bush said today that Canadian firms would be allowed to bid for some of the $18.6 billion in US-funded reconstruction projects fo ...  | Read.. 
Tobey Maguire walks past a publicity poster of his new film Seabiscuit before a press conference in Tokyo. (AFP)
Health fears return to haunt southeast Asia
Asia faced a new health scare today after three Vietnamese died from “bird flu”, but the WHO said t..  | Read.. 
Dr Death brings his own death
Britain’s worst mass murderer Harold Shipman — a family doctor who killed hundreds of his patients ..  | Read.. 
China battles Sars report
China debunked rumours today that a sick man in the souther ...  | Read.. 

Pak kidnap
A Pakistani regional minister has been kidnapped in the cou ...  | Read.. 

US troops kill boy in Baghdad, 4 in Falluja
US soldiers opened fire at a car in the Iraqi capital, kill ...  | Read..