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British hit in film-making, miss in going
Britain cemented its status as the world’s most important film centre outside Hollywood when it was announced yesterday that 2003 was a record-breaking year for film production in the country....  | Read.. 
Royal skeletons locked up
Spanish government officials have bought a 1,300 pound safe to guard the divorce papers of the journalist who is to marr ...  | Read.. 
Quiet please, football is being played here
A football stadium has been branded the quietest in the UK after visiting fans were asked not to bang drums or even shou ...  | Read.. 
Bracelet found after 60 years
When Virginia Moore’s husband was killed in battle during World War II, an identification bracelet she gave him was lost in ...  | Read.. 
Weight of soul in 21 Grams
Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro and Naomi Watts make three the magic number once again for Mexican film director Alejandro Gonza ...  | Read.. 
Street show to back pop king
Michael Jackson’s family, friends and fans are planning a massive show of support when the pop superstar is arraigned on chi ...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Get the right word
English as she is spoke in India, had its fair share of Indianisms. I am talking of those words that have become so much a part of our language usage, and so routinely used th...  | Read.. 
Response: Stay out of your daughter’s life
Our only daughter has just got married and left home. My wife and I are so lonely that we have asked her and our son-in-law to come and stay with us. We have a lot of space...  | Read.. 
Sir Richard Branson test drives his Gibbs Aquada on the Thames in London on Monday after being the first to take ownership of the world’s first high-s ...  | Read