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Ford free to tie the knot again
Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford can finally propose to Calista Flockhart if he wants to, after reportedly receiving a divorce in his 20-year marriage....  | Read.. 
Blame it on the soprano
Perplexed by Puccini' Bewildered by Berlioz' ...  | Read.. 
High or low, cigarettes kill
Low-tar cigarettes do not reduce a smokerís risk of developing lung cancer and are as deadly as regular brands, researchers ...  | Read.. 
Curious mix in a raga
The West Bengal State Music Academyís 17th annual classical music conference (Rabindra Sadan, January 2-5) featured 19 main artistes. Apart from performances by Calcutta regul...  | Read.. 
Agony and ecstasy of the inner soul
The recently ended third solo exhibition of paintings and drawings by Sanjoy Ghosh at Swabhumi bore evidence not only of his virtuosity but also of uninterrupted engagement to...  | Read.. 
For a noble cause
Amaan Ali Bangash, the elder son of sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, joined his fatherís tradition of performing free for noble causes when he played a nearly two-hour-long...  | Read.. 
Trauma of restless mind
Like a Nandalal linocut
And quiet flows the river
One of the first 10 euro coins issued to mark Tintinís 75th anniversary in Brussels. Designer Herge (Georges Remi) created Tintin on January 10, 1 ...  | Read