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All colours of the red planet, courtesy Spirit
The US robotic probe Spirit beamed panoramic colour images of unprecedented clarity back to Earth yesterday after establishing direct contact with Nasa scientists guiding its search for ancient signs of life on Mars....  | Read.. 
Quick end to quickie marriage
Pop star Britney Spears made arrangements to annul her Las Vegas marriage to childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander just hou ...  | Read.. 
Too young at 35, too old at 40
A third of workers over 50 have experienced age discrimination at work, according to research. Ageism is so rife in the ...  | Read.. 
No minis at work in Malaysian province
Authorities in Malaysiaís conservative Terengganu state plan to ban non-Muslim women wearing mini-skirts or figure-hugging d ...  | Read.. 
Box office dream sours
Ticket sales at the North American box office last year fell for the first time since 1991, despite higher ticket prices and ...  | Read.. 
Itís Jack or Emily in Britain
Jack and Emily are the most popular baby names, according to the latest official figures. ...  | Read.. 
I could have danced all night
Itís a cold Sunday afternoon on Park Street. Through the large glass windows of the Barista coffee shop, you can see groups of people huddled around tiny, round tables, sippin...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Well manners
synchronicity is not what I really want to speak of but the subject of this particular example of coincidence. This was the lack of manners in the young, the source of this p...  | Read.. 
I am a 28-year-old man. About eight years ago I received a serious injury on my head. From that, a cyst developed in the occipital region. Doctors said it had to be operate...  | Read.. 
The Little White Wedding Chapel where Britney Spears married childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Reuters)