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Crash cause ‘technical’, not terror
An Egyptian Boeing 737 carrying 148 people, most of them French tourists on New year family holidays, crashed into the Red Sea off the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh today, killing all on board. ...  | Read.. 
Explorer speeds towards Mars
A rock-inspecting rover hurtled toward Mars for a perilous landing today on what Nasa hopes will become a historic mission to answer the age-old question of whether life exis ...  | Read.. 
Saudi school reform threat
Some 150 Saudis, including judges, university professors and a cleric with links to Muslim militants, have signed a document warning the kingdom against changing its Islam-ba ...  | Read.. 
Jim Carrey tops 2003 money-maker chart
Actor Jim Carrey, the star of the 2003 hit movie Bruce Almighty that grossed $242 million in the US alone, has been voted the top money-making star of 2003 in the annu ...  | Read.. 
Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin holds his one-month-old son Bob while feeding a crocodile, named Murray, with a dead chicken at Queenland Zoo in Queens ...  | Read
Margaret letters
Rubble miracle after a week: In nineties & alive
An elderly woman rescued from the rubble of the Bam earthquake said today she had been kept alive b..  | Read.. 
Brazil gives US fingerprint taste
With only two days to go before the US authorities start fingerprinting and photographing vi..  | Read.. 
Shock wave at Paris airport
Entire families, including many children, were among at lea ...  | Read..