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Map of search area for ET
The hunt for extraterrestrials has become a little easier after the discovery that up to 10 per cent of stars in our galaxy may harbour conditions necessary for complex life to emerge....  | Read.. 
Fat people have fat cats & dogs
Overweight people are overfeeding their pets and putting their animals’ health at risk. A report says a quarter of dogs and c ...  | Read.. 
Ivan the terribly rude
In a barely literate rant that would have landed him in the Tower had he been an Englishman, the Russian ruler railed against ...  | Read.. 
A pressing habit
Boring, boring Leicester!’ screamed those intriguing posters around the city centre for days. Yawn. Who doesn’t know fried chips topped with red Leicester cheese, passionate f...  | Read.. 
Z is for Zorb
This is another form of extreme adventure. The zorb is a gigantic inflatable ball, about three metres in height, that contains a smaller ball suspended into position by nylon...  | Read.. 
A model demonstrates a Toyota PM electric vehicle at an international auto show in Taipei. (Reuters)