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Besieged, US loses sight of Baghdad big picture
The US has backed away from several of its more ambitious initiatives to transform Iraq’s economy, political system and security forces as attacks on US troops have escalated and the timetable for ending the civil occupation has accelerated. ...  | Read.. 
How to avoid that holiday hangover...
Little can suck the joy out of the holiday season like losing a day or two to nurse THE WORST HANGOVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. ...  | Read.. 
Kuwait text books to teach moderation
Kuwait is revising text books used at state schools to remove references that could encourage religious extremism, the Gulf state’s education minister said today. ...  | Read.. 
...And what to do if you have one
It could be the ultimate New Year tonic for British drinkers. A “hangover pill” that allows people who have over-indulged to wake up the next day with a clear head is to ...  | Read.. 
Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen with US actor Leonardo DiCaprio at Peru’s Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in Cuzco on Saturday. (Reuters)
Rocker row
Grease gain
Dress diktat
Author takes clown fish claim to Disney door
A young French author is taking on the Disney Corporation, claiming that it copied his idea for a l..  | Read.. 
Bremer hole in Blair claim
Paul Bremer, the top US man in Iraq, contradicted Britain’s Tony Blair today when he rejected repor..  | Read.. 
Tragedy brings foes to talks table
High level US and Iranian officials put aside diplomatic di ...  | Read.. 

Wound within hurts Israel
Israelis hotly debated today just who crossed a red line: a ...  | Read.. 

Fraud charge lands Italy tycoon in jail
An Italian judge today ordered the arrest of Parmalat found ...  | Read.. 

Identity crisis for Bam
The lines of blankets with feet poking out stretched as ...  | Read..