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Queen, Kylie top hotlist

It must be hard being Tony Blair. There you are, at the end of a year in which you bestrode the world stage, crossing time zones as others do streets, before leading your country to victory over the most vile of modern dictators, and then being greeted on Capitol Hill like Churchill with rapturous applause.

And who walks off with title British Statesman of the Year' The Queen, that’s who.

The Prime Minister must con tent himself with second place in the category, part of this year’s YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph identifying the key personalities of 2003.

More than 2,000 people were asked for their preferences on subjects ranging from geopolitics to hairstyle, producing an eclectic set of winners. Chief among them were the Queen and Jonny Wilkinson, who were the only personalities to top more than one of the 12 categories.

The sovereign was also voted Most Impressive Royal of the Year, beating other family members by a substantial margin.

Wilkinson, the all-conquering England fly-half, was judged not only to have the best haircut — a crucial accomplishment in these times — but also to be the human being most deserving of canonisation. He was voted Saint of the Year, the Sinner title going to Saddam Hussein.

When it comes to sex, Britons are reassuringly traditional. George Clooney took the Sexiest Man of the Year title (18 per cent), despite strong opposition from Jonny Wilkinson (16 per cent).

Sexiest Woman of the Year is — need it be said — Kylie Minogue. This will come as absolutely no suprise to Prof John Manning of the University of Central Lancashire who announced earlier this year that a detailed and empirical examination of the singer’s bottom had shown it to be the nicest in the world — all to do with waist-to-hip ratio apparently.

Nelson Mandela, although largely retired from public life, was voted International Statesman of the Year (24 per cent), followed by UN secretary-general Kofi Annan (22 per cent) and President George W. Bush (15 per cent). Curiously, Arnold Schwarzenegger, new governor of California, scored 4 per cent, despite a career in international relations that has so far been a) purely cinematic and b) extremely violent.

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