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Revealed: Ambush on Baghdad big gun
Iraq’s US administrator said today he escaped an ambush on his convoy earlier this month, as a blast in Baghdad underlined the political violence hindering efforts to rebuild the country. ...  | Read.. 
Eating disorders lead to addiction
People with eating disorders are much more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol or smoke than the general population, according to a study released yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
Sharon barrier stoned by all
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon drew fire from all sides including the US today over his threat to sever Israelis from Palestinians within months if peace talks fail. ...  | Read.. 
Happy holidays for Bush knees
President George W. Bush can care for his aching right knee without surgery, the White House said yesterday after he underwent an MRI scan and X-rays to examine pain that ha ...  | Read.. 
Two dancers from the Pina Bausch troupe perform in Paris. Bausch is one of the leading figures in contemporary dance. (AFP)
Titanic lives
Plunge price
Toddler diet
Charged, it’s showdown time for Jackson team
Michael Jackson, who often describes himself as the Peter Pan of pop music, was formally charged ye..  | Read.. 
Cherie to Pope: Get rid of sexism
Cherie Blair last night called for half the posts in the Vatican to be filled by women and criticis..  | Read.. 
Japan missile jitters for Asia
Japan said today it would buy a US-made missile defence sys ...  | Read.. 

Ground Zero’s beacon of hope
A twisting, shimmering, glass-encased skyscraper topped by ...  | Read.. 

Top US arms hunter to quit
The head of the US-led hunt for Iraqi weapons of mass d ...  | Read..