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To Mars, with hope in heart and pop tune on lips
A British spacecraft the size of an open umbrella began the final leg of its mission to find life on Mars as it successfully broke free today from the mother ship that has carried it 100 million km from earth....  | Read.. 
Silver cars seem safer, says study
Silver coloured cars are less likely to be involved in a crash causing serious injuries, New Zealand scientists said today. ...  | Read.. 
Mice minus cholesterol for fat cats
Cholesterol-free mice that would make healthy snacks for cats have been created by scientists. ...  | Read.. 
The fighting fish
Pound for pound, I believe the mahseer is far superior in fighting prowess and sporting qualities to the ‘lordly salmon’ of my native land.” That’s Henry Sullivan Thoma...  | Read.. 
X is for X-treme sports
canyoning (jumping off seven-metre cliffs and being plunged into 15-20 metre high waterfalls); highwire bungee (plunging from a jump station suspended between two hills); sc...  | Read.. 
Actor Ben Affleck arrives for the premiere of his film Paycheck in Hollywood on Thursday. The film also stars Uma Thurman. (Reuters)